Frequently Asked Questions

Payment accepted

Once we receive your payment, we will inform you immediately. Bank transfer usually takes
1-3 working days. If not it your payment after 5 working days from dispatch of payments
credited, please let us know.

From which country is sent goods

Shipments are sent from the countries of the European Union.

Delivery shipments

Delivery of the shipment usually takes 3-7 working days (depends on delivery country).
Speed of delivery we have no opportunity to influence. If you wish to to deliver faster
recommended that you select EMS.

I have not received your shipment

Please go to your office delivery company and ask where your shipment is. Provide them
with the tracking number of your shipment.

The movement of your shipment, you can track here:

If you do not pick up your shipment will be lost. Consignments sent from a fictitious name
and address, I have no chance to pick up the shipment back. Unfortunately, in these
consignments sent, is not returnable.

Your shipment can be seized at customs (probably should be informed, but it is not always
true), or your shipment may be lost.

Transport your shipment may be delayed, 3 times already happened, the shipment was
delivered in 2-4 weeks!

Are your products fake?

All our products are 100% original coming directly from the biggest medicine distributors worldwide,
you feel this from the first shot of juices or from the first tab. Our products are also tested before
we sell them.